s/s 2019


The digital activation we created for Caudalie was made not only producing content to increase the brand awareness, but also deepening the composition of the products, their ingredients and their usage.

The influencers we selected and managed had the opportunity to take part to a number of events, both in prestigious shops, such as "Clori Home and Flowers" or "CityZen" gym, and in the Caudalie Boutique in the heart of Milan. Here they discovered more about the products thanks to the support of Caudalie's trainers. The storytelling of this projects had been crucial, because consumers had to understand the products' features and combined use.

Talent selection was specifically made to ensure pure and genuine enthusiasm in describing the products. Notable examples are Premier Cru Eyes Cream, the flagship in the eye area anti-age treatment; the Eau de Beauté (Beauty Water), a make-up fixative spray, to tone up and enhance the natural birghtness of the skin.

We also defined an hashtag that accompanied the operation in all the different locations: #CaudalieBeautyTour.